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This is something I'm a bit more hesitant about. We obviously get better at something when we practice, but get better at what exactly? I might say that "practice makes us comfortable with things". In my case, practice has made me comfortable taking aesthetically pleasing photos that don't mean a whole lot to me or anyone else (you can look at my flickr to see what I mean). I don't know if everyone would agree with this, but I feel that sometimes we need to get shocked out of our comfort zone, and only then does practice comes back into play to make the new artistic territory comfortable. I guess I do agree, just with an asterisk and a footnote.

That said, thanks a lot for your response.
hi jakeblues

what do we get better at when we practice ?
we get better at a lot of things ...

one thing i know i have gotten better at through exposing a fair amount of film is how to use my camera/s.
this may sound kind of strange, but every camera works differently.
sure they have shutters, and buttons, and lenses that might or might not have the ability
to stop down, but they all see the world in a different way, and getting used to THAT is the hardest thing of all.

i am not one to care about aesthetically pleasingly photos, to be honest i am not a fan of pretty as a post card photos,
knowing how a camera and lens and shutter works in a variety of situations can only be done through making a lot of exposures .. "practicing" ...