The 135 Celtic I had, the only Celtic I had mind you, seemed to be a very nice lens. From what I've researched on the Celtic line the optical formula's were identical to the Rokkor's, they just built them a little "cheaper" a-la the Series E line. There's some argument about the coatings being the same, but I believe when Minolta began computer designing they figured the coatings into the total design, so it'd seem an expensive prospect to do a total re-design just to cut a little cost in coating, especially on what was intended to be a "value priced" lens. Who knows, because nobody I've seen so far seems to.

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Oughtta be easy enough to find. I will mention that I had three different Celtic 135's MD mount. And I must have been a junk Celtic magnet. But all three of them were crap. ebay buys so maybe I got stuck. But three in a row. Even my luck isn't that bad. I ended getting a Makinon 135 MD and that was one of the best lenses I ever had for the Minny's.