One thing to note is that you said you'd used FP100C without's worth saying that these cameras were setup for 75/80 film originally, which could be why they work well without adjusting on a 100 speed media. At 3000, they underexpose. I've read a lot of people have this same issue, and Landlist seems to agree that the best reasoning is simply that the camera's themselves with age tend to lean towards underexposure.

Does anyone know what type of metering cells these use? Selenium/CdS/something else? Knowing this may help narrow down the source?

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Mustafa, thanks for your input. This was the first time using the fuji3000 film in this camera. I had previously used the fuji100C in the camera & the exposure wheel needed no adjustment...perfect exposure. Batteries were checked and had full voltage. I hadn't checked the "small lens" for cleaniing...forgot all about that! I'll have to inspect it. Possibly fuji3000 film may be a bit more critical on exposure, but many people are sure glad to have this black & white peel apart instant film for their packfilm cameras.