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Ah! Good information. Much thanks everyone. I shall obtain some Ilford Pan F and try it at the original range of exposure indexes. Nope, no pinholes in the bellows. I've got an Agfa Isolette with three or four holes in the bellows that I coated in liquid rubber insulator, so I knew what to look for in terms of light leaks. It's amazing to me that Kodak's bellows on both of their folders are like new when the Agfa's is relatively threadbare.
I've a Tourist, a Monitor and a Special 120/620 Kodaks with "Special" (in red) lenses and good shutters. All perform admirably after a good shutter cleaning and finding the "sweet spot" by mounting them on a Baby Graphic for tests.

Film choices are wide (after rolling on 620 spools) and the good shutters mean you aren't limited by film speed.

I have also put NOS bellows on several Edwardian 120 Kodak folders with "interesting" results.

My Agfa and Zeiss rangefinder 120 cameras work fine. The Kodak "Special" lenses are perhaps better than one may find on the German cameras and the shutters are as good. I nearly always get good results from the Kodaks with the guesstimate method of focusing. Infinity and hyperfocal distance never change. Use a tripod.