I pulled the trigger and am now waiting on its arrival. In the mean time I started doing a lot of research on tray developing and other things to help me transition from 6x7 to 4x5. It seems that there are a lot of these treads so I thought I would put together a list of links that I have thus far found useful.

If you have any suggestion or links to add PLEASE do!

Loading 4x5 film holders by Paul Butzi:

Processing Sheet film in Trays (special thanks to Doremus Scudder, your description great these videos made me understand what you were trying to say)

Film Data Index with Notch Codes (not sure how complete it is):

Lastly this site! It has been very helpful and I appreciate all of the users and moderators. Again if you have any suggestions my Speed will not be here until next week and I am trying gain as much info to help me as possible.