Sorry to rain on your parade, but I think you have a tall, $5 paperweight.

This is the problem with buying used enlargers. You have to be careful that what you get is complete. You could probably be patient and find another Chromega B for the same or less than you're going to find a good power supply separately.

The other trap is that you get a complete enlarger for say, $25, then you need another lens board and a different neg carrier. All of a sudden your $25 enlarger has cost $100.

All you have to power on the Chromega B (I have one) is the bulb. Someone handy with electrical stuff could build a power supply given the specs, or even refit the head with a 120V bulb. But, I'd bet you're still going to spend more time and money than just finding a good and complete machine.

Just my opinion - YMMV.