For sale is my Horseman SW612 panoramic camera. It takes 6 56x112mm images on 120 film. The 65mm lens is equivalent to about 21mm in 35mm. It is compact and weighs only 1600g. The camera is in excellent condition. There is one slight dent on the edge of the focusing ring. This has no effect on performance and the helicoid focuses correctly.

The lens is very sharp, with no scratches, dust or fungus. The aperture closes down correctly and is clean. The shutter speeds sound correct and the shutter has always operated correctly. In case you are not aware, the lens is a large format lens and is designed to be used stopped down for best performance, It's optimum performance is between f16 and f22. I have used it successfully at f11 when I've needed to but would not use it wide open. The 65mm lens is very handy because it does not need a centre filter, unlike my 58mm super angulon, which was useless without one at 6 x 12. This has been my favourite camera/lens but my young family means I donít get to do much landscape photography, so itís up for sale,along with most of my other equipment.

If you want to return the camera, please notify me within 7 days and then return the camera by insured tracked post in the same condition it was sent in and I will refund the purchase price, less shipping. I have sold a lot of equipment on this forum, the Large Format Photography forum and some on Ebay (dtrumper42) and have positive feedback that I can refer you to. Feel free to pm me with more questions or if you would like more photos.

I am based in London, so you are free to pick up from there if you want to inspect the camera first. The cost of insured, tracked post within the UK is £14. Please PM me for a quote for shipping outside of the UK.

I also have a Horseman SW612P with 90mm lens that I will be putting up for sale soon.