I am beginning to learn about studio lighting for portraiture and fashion images. It is of course rather hard to set up strobe/flash lights and get a definitive sense of how they will look when using exclusively film cameras, as you don't really find out until the film is developed. The evil part of me thought maybe I should buy an older model di**tal SLR, but that would be very bad indeed. I remember when we lived in Connecticut, we used to know an Old School commercial photographer that used a Polaroid camera to help verify his lighting setups.

So my question: What would be a suitable/highly affordable Polaroid camera for this purpose? And what format Fuji film would I need for it? I am assuming something with sufficient manual settings that I could set it up with the aperture etc I would be using for my "real" shots.

I could probably get an older model DSLR for $200 or so and that may be the way to go, but it seems highly heretical, and if I can keep my activities fully entrenched in the world of film, that would be highly desirable. It is very hard for me to fathom the notion of a robot with a lens on it. So before anyone gets highly agitated -- this post is indeed 100% about "analog" photography.