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BTZS Tubes are a huge step up from tray developing (though you'll still be tray fixing) and can be done mostly in the light. I will never tray develop again. You get 6 tubes and a large tray/tank you float the tubes in and rotate them with your fingertips. Works actually very well and much faster to handle than using the Jobo 4x5 reels (loading the reels fully - with 6 sheets per reel - is problematic for a lot of people)
I'm not knocking the BTZS system. It does look quite workable and a big step up from trays, at least in ease. But loading the Jobo 2901n reels is trivially easy. Much, MUCH easier than loading any 35mm or 120 reel I've ever loaded. I use Jobo for roll film too and find them the easiest to load I've ever used, but the 4x5 is easier.

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Everyone seems to have their favorite method for developing their film. I use the Jobo system for my 4x5 film because I have 3 reels and can develop up to 12 frames at one time. But loading film in the reels is a bit tedious and you have to be careful not to cross load in the slots. That is not a problem with BTZS tubes, loading them is super simple. One sheet of film rolled and slid into one tube. Cap it and you are loaded. I use the BTZS tubes for my 8x10 film and they certainly are convenient.
Are you folks who find loading the sheets into the Jobo 2509(n) reels difficult or tedious using the 2508 loader base and film guide? I've read other people saying they used it once and quit, that loading by hand was just as easy, but I find mine quite difficult to load without it and a piece of cake with it. I like it so much, with them discontinued, I bought a spare. Actually that's not really true, I got a second in a package deal with some tanks I bought, but I'm hanging on to both of them.

Maybe it's just me but I find it extremely easy to load using the loader base. A tad slower maybe but not much and that's more than a welcome trade off since it's so easy.