hi parker

i have a few multi year projects i have been working on off and on
i don't have a set way i do things but i still keep things going.
one started back in 1986 and i am still working on it when i can ..
its photographing people i randomly make a portrait of in their workplace.
it started off as a project in college, but i kept doing it. the project started off
35mm and 6x6 and then went to 4x5 and 5x7. and now i photograph their workplace too.

when i find the time i drive around with a camera in my car, and walk into a store, or i call in advance
and arrange to drop in ... i ask if i can take a portrait and run back and get the camera + set it up ...
i usually process the film soon after i make the exposure and make the prints soon after, i hate having thing hanging over my head...

no rhyme or reason its just random ... this reminds me, i have someone to photograph in the next few weeks ..