Not sure if I'll be around as I live about 100km outside the city, but I might be able to. Always looking for excuses to go to Toronto. I might be working in Markham at that time too, so it's just a short distance after work if you want to meet up and shoot the shit.

Also, what might interest you more is that I'm in booth #162 at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in Nathan Phillips Square this weekend. I will have a combination of MUNY photos along with some other bodies of work and portfolio pieces of various sizes. I think it would interest you more to see a wider variety of prints in a bunch of different contexts. As a Master Printer, I would assume this might interest you more and if you're around the city, it's pretty central. It's supposed to be a hot one though.

I hope I get to meet ya there. I wanted to show up to your show in the Distillery district, but I was called into work that weekend at the shelter, so I couldn't let them down.