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I can look at one or two underexposed images that, 20 years ago I would have rejected, trashed and pulled my hair. Not now, ever. Two (brackets) are scheduled for printing for their reflection of character (as distinct from emotive or tonal or mood qualities).
Once I got comfortable with exposure and negatives bracketing at the camera became a waste of time and film for me. As long as I don't forget to do something, I simply don't miss on exposure. (When I forget, bracketing can't fix it.)

This isn't any claim to fame, gift, or special knowledge on my part either.

I shoot at box speed and use an incident meter to find exposure. I have lenses and shutters that work as they should. I develop film per the manufacturer's instructions. Anybody can do it. This is an industrial quality process and fully repeatable.

Using this process there is plenty of room to create variations in print character.

What I can't control here is the occasional pin hole in the emulsion or the subject blinking.