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It could be the Planar lens was still sourced from Germany, but I believe the assembly of the camera shifted to Singapore. Perhaps the quality control was not quite the same.
No, the Rollei TLR:s were all made and assembled in Braunschweig, Germany. The Planar was made by Carl Zeiss in Germany.

I've had a 2.8E and a 2.8F with Planars, and they were both excellent and sharp, but they did produce little less contrast than the 3.5 Planar and Tessar. The reason is perhaps the larger lens surfaces that allows for more light reflecting and scattering inside the lens system.

Although I like the Planars, they can feel too modern and clinical with their "perfect" corner to corner sharpness sometimes, and the Tessar/Xenar and Triotar have more personality.