Here's my humble dark room in my bathroom/laundry room.

Currently set up with the following:
Besler Dichro 672S enlarger that is only set up for 35mm. (I would love to get/find the mixing chamber/negative carriers for 6x6)
Metal suitcase enlarger
Unicolor timer with foot control
Old Contact Printer
8x10 & 16x20 inch easels
8x10 & 16x20 inch trays
Dry chemicals in the cabinet
Daylight developing tanks for 35mm, medium format and 4x5 in the cabinet as well.
I use my shower as a print washer (it's behind the door)

I can print up to 16x20 in here with out a lot of drama. I would love to get a 4x5 enlarger in here and/or a Graflarger back for my Speed Graphic. I tend to develop stuff for work while on the road. I was just given the old steel suitcase enlarger and the contact printer. A Graflarger would round out my portable darkroom. I can only contact print my 4x5 unless I want to get crafty with the other enlarger, even then I only enlarge so much of the big negatives at a time.