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thanks for sharing this-I just discovered another dimension of the beloved Ektar-it just looks like Kodachrome-like to me! was this tungsten lighting? did you develop in a tank?
To be honest this is the first time shooting it =) For the most part i shoot BW but have been fallin for color lately =) the set up was rather easy, had a spot meter that gave me 1/30 at 2.8 and shoot the photos with those settings, as far as developing I used Tetenal's C-41 Press Kit. Being deployed those are the only chems I am able to get sent to me. everything was developed in a metal tank and scanned using epson's v500 with their software. the only major adjustments where to lower the contrast. other then that the photos were straight from the negatives =) To be honest Im not the most technical person when it comes to developing, I went with my gut and trusted that kodak wouldn't sell something if it wasn't meant to be pushed to its limits =) Ill have to check on the lighting but from what I can tell we have regular flood lights and I believe they're daylight, but as you can tell I didn't pay to much attention to it from what Ive gathered film tends to fix most of my white balance issues =) Then again I am new to color film so I dont know =) Hope this answers your questions, sorry like I said, for most of my developing and shooting I usually go with my Gut =) one thing that i did notice was that for there not being that much light the film did retain detail in the shadows although the highlights did lose a bit I think it did really well. I would just recommend lowering the blacks as it tends to kill the balance between the highlights and shadows =)