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Nice shots. Can you say more about the images, not the tech? The soldiers (?) come across as prisoners.
Well Ive been trying to tell more of a story with my photos lately. When I saw the fence my first thought was this would be cool to use in some photos. so i started to think what a fence represents. A fence keeps you from something, and for us this deployment keeps us from home. Personally I long to go home and be with my loved ones. Being away you cannot help but start to miss all sorts of things. For me I miss the simple dates I have with my wife, or waking up on the weekends to her making coffee, something we might pass off as daily tasks all of a sudden becomes priceless moments. So one can say we have become prisoners to a greater good if you will. We sacrifice a year of our lives to serve something bigger then ourselves. we confine ourselves to one location so that others can break from from their own prisons. There were tons of thoughts that ran through my mind while photographing these photos. to be honest its a complicated mess trying to describe them in a story format =)