When my Plus-X supply ran out I decided that Fomapan 100/ Asrista.EDU Ultra 100 would be my new film along with the 400 version. I bought around 30 rolls and set off to Michigan. I have used these films before without problem and loved the tones it gives with Rodinal.

However, this time I have severely disappointed. Dark spots on some of my favorite frames from this last trip. Yes, they are on the negatives. I first noticed them when I hung the film to dry. At first I thought it was an issue with a lens until i saw it another roll of film from another camera. Also the edges of many of the frames are lighter. Though I am guessing this is from a lightleak.

I know some others have had issues with Fomas' films. Now I am afraid to use it on an upcoming trip. What could have caused these problems? Also, does anyone have some recommendations as to what I can use with similar tonality but with better quality control?

Camera: RB67 Pro-S
Film: Arista.EDU Ultra
Developer: Rodinal 1:50