If you prefer the highest quality possible , I think nobody argue with Kodak. And if you want cheap , buy from short end movie film sellers and order Kodak 5222. It can be 5 or more times cheaper than TMAX and Ilford. My eyes could never loved Ilford 400 asa films but FP4 with Pyro developer is very very special.
If you are living in USA , liquid HC110 would be cheap and Ansel Adams used it for years. It is best developer Kodak was producing in few generations. If you want another Ansel Adams developer , it is D23. If I am not wrong , it is not hard to homemade and everything needed is under hand.

Pyro developers are toxic but wonderful and stain the film and fill the gaps between the grains. It graduates the hardness and may be thickness of the film based on light hit zone.
If you dont inhale the powders , no problem but reading and reading is important.

Another wonderful developer is Rodinal but sourcing it is complex. But Leica advised to its camera users few times.

Its a wide ocean and have fun.