Hi All,
Just to let you all know that I ain't dead, I will write of my current status with regard to emulsions.
I have decided to suspend my own work on finding a panchromatic (set) of sensitizing dye(s). Due to my growing impatience to get back to making art, I will settle for my existing system which uses Sands SDE3008 as my sole sensitizing dye. At least in my system this dye sensytizes evenly across the visible spectrum in open daylight. At least as I can judge from a Kodak Color Card and actual photographs. This Dye is ridiculusly expensive. So I will be watching this forum and Denise's TLF for "pointers". But I fear that I am geting, temperarily I hope, burned out with research.
I am now making my own AgNO3 to save in costs. A little risky, but worthwhile from a cost standpoint.
My first atemps at "real art" using my emulsion will be with tri-color Carbon Transfer, using my existing emulsion to make in-camera color seps. Then I intend to use the emulsion itself , pigmented, in place of gelatin in the actual Carbon Print.
For now,though, I will just be a "lurker" on this forum.