In addition to AAs books, which got me started in LF years ago, come to think about it, I also found two other books useful: Leslie Stroebel's "View Camera Basics" and Steve Simmons "Using the View Camera". I also enjoyed browsing Jack Dykinga's "Large Format Nature Photography", though most of the key info is in the first two books.

Needless to say, Ralph Lambrecht and Chris Woodhouse's "Way Beyond Monochrome" 2nd edition is a great compendium of all the other things one finds useful when using a view (or any other) camera. I go back to it all the time.

Regarding the availability of Jobo equipment, new (not 2nd hand) Expert Drums, and CPA-2 and CPP-2 processors, with parts, can be bought in EU from, I corresponded with Klaus-Dieter Seynsche there for info about those.