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35mm Ektachrome 100D motion picture film (said to be equivavlent to E100VS) is still in Kodak's current catalog and can be ordered direct from Kodak online:

But don't tell anyone because everyone knows Kodak doesn't make Ektachrome anymore.
I'm going to make a bold prediction: Kodak has a bunch of this in stock but hasn't made any in a while and when it's gone it will be discontinued. On the bright(?) side, it looks like there's nearly no demand for it, so their stocks will last quite a while!

Movie film isn't "process-by" dated like still film. Kodak ships it directly from cold storage to filmmakers who order it, and it is expected to be used and processed promptly. So they can supply this out of existing stock until it runs out, no matter how long that takes...and I'm going to guess that is what they are doing. I get American Cinematographer Magazine, and I can't remember the last time I saw an article mention someone using this film. We know Kodak has stopped all other Ektachrome Production. Therefore there's no reason to think they're actually still producing this.

They already stopped offering it in 1000' rolls, only in 400' now. That's not a product that is being used in quantity by film productions...