My Rollei 2.8C's Xenotar is a splendid lens. So is the Planar 80mm 2.8CT* lens on my Hasselblad. The coating on the 1953 Rollei tends to show a little more flare than the Planar in extreme conditions. They do have distinct "personalities." The Hassy lens is lower in contrast, but that's okay by me, I often shoot in contrasty situations, and the modern coatings and lower contrast help the lens deliver a smoother look than the Rollei, which can be bitingly sharp.

As to a Rollei TLR vs. total-system SLR Hasselblad, I wouldn't own the Hasselblad if the Rollei gave me the flexibility I want. There's a lot to be said for interchangeable lenses and film backs. I feel lucky to have both cameras at my disposal, and a choice to fit my mood and needs as the opportunities to make pictures present themselves. I owned the Rollei first and used it for nearly 30 years before I had the opportunity and cash to buy a nice, lightly-used Hasselblad kit.

Peter Gomena