No, but I had often thought about it. I think Denise said it didn't work. If you want something that peels when dry, just use regular Dura-lar or the Clear-Lay PVC film.

Update on my Dura-Lar, I got it to work yesterday. The answer to the frilling at this point is erythritol, a sugar alcohol similar to sorbitol. It is available in any grocery store - brand name is Truvia, I think. I used the Walmart house brand. I will put the details of my current solution in the other thread, here:

Compared to all the films I have tried, this NaOH treated Dura-Lar coats like a dream. I think it will be my "go to" film base. I'd say put the Dura-Lar at the top of the list.

Umut, the credit goes to you for originally pulling this information out of the historical noise. Great find!

-- Jason