I used EDU 400 for Photo 1 in college 3 or 4 years ago, never used 100. I remember 400 as being very contrasty, so I ended up using HP5 or Tri-X for the rest of that class.

Anyway, as I have slowed down and going for more quality over quantity (my professor required 10 contact sheets and at least 3 prints for every project in Photo 1), I've moved to slower films. I shoot a ton of Acros developed in Rodinal, and am just starting to work on Delta 400 for the times I need faster film or more pushing capability. I shoot 35mm 95% of the time.

I just got 2 rolls of EDU 100 to try out too. I've heard very good things about it, and since it's cheap I figured I'd give it a shot. Acros has risen in price to where it's a little too expensive to shoot as frequently as I have been, so hopefully I can find a cheaper alternative for some circumstances. The developers I use and have available to me are D-76, Rodinal and HC-110.

Which developer do you have good results with? I am inclined to start with Rodinal; it is a wonderful developer for Acros so I'm hoping it will be for EDU 100 as well.

Is 100 as contrasty and curly as 400? My negatives shot in Photo 1 with 400 are still curly, even after 3 years sitting in print files in a 3-ring binder.