That's exactly what I was thinking. My Paterson tanks need 500 mL per 120 roll and 290 mL (I round to 300) for 35mm. Since I never re-use film developer - I make dilute working solutions - I make what I need and I dump it after. A litre of D-76/ID-11 stock will give me 4 rolls worth of 1:1 developer for 120 at 500 mL per roll, and 6 rolls worth at 300 mL per, with 200 mL of stock remaining in the latter case.

I guess the point I was trying to make is that D-76/ID-11 is a lot cheaper than Ilfosol, it's very good, and it's quite convenient. The mixing isn't a huge problem since you can mix up pretty modest amounts of stock solution at a time. (It's cheaper if you buy 3.8L or 5L packages, but you have to go through it faster, of course. It only keeps about half a year in full, closed bottles.)