I agree with kevin and jovo.

Most people won't know what "silver gelatin" means. "Darkroom Print" will make more sense. I typically call my stuff "printed in traditional darkroom using finest material available."

At the end of the day though, most people couldn't care less how your print was printed. FB, RC, inklet, or something else. They just don't know and don't care. "Pretty Picture" is what sells - especially in a mass market like that.

Few times, I stressed over archival processing and toning for permanence, used white gloves to prevent finger oil during handling, etc..... only to find out the recipient put it in a cheap frame with cardboard matting full of acid.

If you want to explain your print for your own reason, go ahead but it won't make a darn difference to people who will be buying them. Good luck though. It will be a fun experience.