My thoughts are to firly be somewhat sceptical, but to alos wonder if their is actually something behind this. the colour negative is listed as 400. the only known sino-colour stock is Lucky 200, so could this represent a film that has not been sold outside China? or perhaps some other maker we have not encountered?

even if it is some small shop who is packing someone else's film in 110, being able to buy it is worth something, I have even been tempted to pay the fairly high prices of the ORCA film just to see. I have some Fujicolour 200 in my freezer in 110, but getting it processed is a bit of a hassle these days as many labs don't offer the service for film that technically is not made and is all out of date by now.

So I am watching with interest and caution. I would limit myself to using paypal if having to buy from a supplier I did not know.