Offered for sale is a unique and hard to find Olympus OM Zuiko 24mm f3.5 Shift lens in Nikon F-Mount.
If you shoot architecture or any buildings, landscapes, etc., this is a superb lens to add to your arsenal.
The lens mount was professionally converted to the Nikon F-mount and it works as smooth as silk on both my D3S and D700. The conversion alone costs approx. $350 and takes about 3 months but is well worth it given the quality of work done on the mount.
As the lens now has the Nikon F-mount, it can be used not just with Nikon FX/DX SLR’s but also with Canon SLR’s with a Nikon F to EOS adapter as well as with just about any camera with the proper adapter. As it is a wider 24mm focal length, it also makes it useful on camera’s like the Sony Nex or other APS-C cameras.
As you can see in the pictures, the lens is in pristine condition – no scratches or blemish on the front element and everything works to factory spec. The images are simply stunning as can be expected of Olympus OM Zuiko lenses. The shift lens has amazing sharpness, color, contrast, and overall image quality while offering shift capability. Lens is truly exceptional and one of a kind and you will not be disappointed.
Several reviews are available on the web as well as on the forum which should give you a good idea of what this lens is capable of.
Includes: Lens with original OM front cap and Nikon mount rear cap and a special OLYMPUS SLIP-ON LENS CAP ( METAL )
The OM 24mm f3.5 PC Shift usually goes for $1550-$2300 in it’s native mount – depending on the condition of the lens.

Price: $1,499 includes conus shipping and paypal ( references furnished upon request )