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...But as I have commented on pilot boards where others keep running into folks that think an airplane plummets vertically if the engine fails, while I have NEVER met anyone who thought that, I don't seem to talk to as many dim bulbs as mist people do.
I suppose if the engine failure was due to the wings the engines were on falling off, then the plummet might be vertical...

There was a heart-wrenching story about the young man who went off to WWI and never returned. He supposively chained his bike to a tree, and over the years the bike is now 10 feet up in the tree with the trunk growing around it. There is an approbiate photo with the story. It is difficult to convince people that in order for that bike to be 10 feet up in the air, it had to have put up that high originally. If someone hammers in a "No Hunting" sign 8 feet up a tree and the tree grows a foot a year in height, in 30 years that sign will still be 8 feet up the trunk...not 38 feet.

But anyway, since I do three different processes, platinum, carbon and silver gelatin (to differentiate between processes that use silver, but no gelatin emulsion), it is nice having short descriptive names for the processes. A carbon print, as opposed to a monochromatic single-transfer gelatin-carbon print.