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I give up. I'll just make sure my pics are 50 cents less than the competition.
Yup, that's the answer

I recently went through the process of trailing new papers after realising my FB stock was low, and no longer produced. I made identical prints on half a dozen different papers and kept them in a folder that travels with me, just so I could pull them out and ask the opinion of other photographers/artists/clients I ran into. The people 'in the know' unanimously chose one of two of my favorite fibre papers. The majority of those 'not in the know' (non-arty folks, 'low-end' clients and a couple bigger-bucks clients) absolutely gushed over a semi-matte RC, most saying "Now THAT looks professional, just like what you used to get back from Kodak or Rabbit photo"

...I can't tell you how many times I slapped my forehead during this whole process, but I did learn: if it's a pretty picture, it will sell. If its a pretty picture on nice paper, it will be admired, but mostly by people who can barely afford to eat, let alone purchase art.