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I think most laboratories are hybrid. They do scan, but then they often print on photographic paper so they do the "souped" part of your question. I don't think it is common to print with ink-jet technology.

The printing on photographic papers is made with machines like the Durst Lambda, which projects coloured light with continuous tone on the paper. This is, in fact, optical printing although it is not made with an enlarger.
Work-flo and cash-flo certainly would dictate this kind of process. I should send a well kept negative into a lab I had printed back in 1991 or 92 and compare the difference.

Might Apug be a good place to collect a list of true optical and soup labs still in existance? This might help those skilled lab workers to keep their jobs and keep the art alive too. I fear the number of individuals who know how to actually work film in the labs that handle commercial or art printing has dropped a lot.

Even my favorite B&W custom printer gal I use to make large and or museum quality prints for me has taken a send job to keep her 2nd generation lab open. (plug for her, Chris @ www.theimageinn.com )