Most labs have switched to either Lambda , Lightjet, or Chromira and offer Inkjet as well.
My lab is a Lambda lab, and we have inkjet,, we still make optical BW prints, and are soon to offer contact exposure alternative process using hybrid technology. We also image from the Lambda directly to silver gelatin paper and wet process- thanks Harmon for still making this paper.

The Lambda is exactly like a Durst CLS 2000 or above and uses laser exposure rather than halogen light exposure. One difference is the Lambda can out print 10 optical darkrooms.
All the old good optical technicians are working on these units so do not worry about our jobs... but thanks for the thought..

In my experience as a lab owner in Toronto, competing against Colourgenics , Toronto Image Works, and others the bulk of imaging today in Toronto is on inkjet and RA4 being second, and optical prints a very distant third.
I do enough Optical prints a year for my wife and I to survive quite nicely for as long as Simon makes paper{ We would have to move out of Toronto for cheaper rent but there still is enough film and prints to have a good life}.. But Elevator has overhead and staff to consider and Elevator would be out of business without digital printing to ink or RA4. The core business is what allows me to expand into a very niche pigment carbon and platinum area where it will take time to generate enough business to survive.

The future is now on us with flatbed imaging directly to substrates like diabond,metal and sintra. The quality is not there yet and I bet the farm that it will only be a matter of time before the quality will match good inkjet on paper.
These units are around 120k and the price will drop as the quality goes up.
As CGW points out that the Fuji dry prints are amazing good, I toured the Fuji Plant here in Mississauga and considered one of these units I was blown away with the potential but it does not match our service platform.
I figure within two years every Mom and Pa shop in NA will have one going. Probably at every corner variety store as well. This unit is 10k which in a lab world is very little investment for the potential gain.