Good Speeders and Crowns aren't going for cheap these days, at least the one's I've seen aren't. Calumet 401s and Graphic Views generally go for a pittance and mores the pity---these are great cameras to learn on---metal monorails so more awkward to carry but way more movements.
Keh has 215mm lenses quite cheaply and a Nikon, Schneider, Rodenstock or Fuji should serve you well for your initial foray. You may even find a Kodak or Wollensak 203, or Ilex 215 for less money. Any of these are capable of giving you superb negatives if you do your part. For 4x5 holders used plastic ones in good condition should work fine---IMHO stay away from the Tlitalls(no locking ridge to hold the holder in the camera) or newer Riteways with those wierd darkslide handles(the old Riteways are excellent, btw)
Have fun!