I too am truly disappointed in their film stocking tendencies. The E Street store seems to carry only a smattering of film - far less than Penn Camera did under their old management. For plenty of other things, I'm very glad they were taken over by Calumet - they now stock a huge line of lighting supplies and other items that were not locally available, and their prices are now competitive on a wide assortment of goodies like camera lenses and other hardware. Their stocking policies are a bit mysterious though- they carry but don't stock some items, and they don't carry others at all (most of the Canon camcorder lineup, for example, or thinking back to film, Portra 160 in anything other than 35mm). I desperately want to support a local brick-and-mortar store but part of the point of having one is the ability to walk in and walk out with the thing you're looking for, instead of having to wait to have it brought in. At that point, I'll order from B&H instead because it will take just as long, but I'll save the sales tax, and the odds are 50/50 that B&H is still cheaper.