I set aside each Sunday for exposing film and processing,, Just this alone gives me minimum 50 days to work on my project per year...I am doing still lifes and solarizing in the darkroom... I get enough subjects to expose about 25-35 sheets of film.. I start the day by exposing one sheet and solarizing to make sure I am getting the balance right then , one image after the other, I then go into the darkroom and process and solarize all the film.. this usually takes me about 7 hours from start to finish.
During the week I scan all the negs low rez between other projects and make lambda small prints of all the film.
After a couple of weeks of this, I concentrate on portfolio prints on 11 x14 of all the images I want to see. I buy 150 sheets of paper at a time and finish this over a three day weekend. This may take me two weekends to complete.

I continue back to the exposing side after all the portfolio prints are done.
I have a show coming up in October so late Aug I will call it a day on the exposing and port prints, bring over a couple of eyes I trust and pick the Hero images from the portfolio prints and over the next month will print the show to add on to other images from the same series I have already shown. When I am printing for a show I will work three days on three days off to finish the work.

Framing, Matts, Museum Glass and Crates are started in early August so as my big prints are finished they are put into the frames and crates and ready for shipping to the show location.