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KODAK Building a Home Darkroom 11x8.5 inches 96 pages. Discusses design and the “nuts and bolts” of construction including carpentry, electric, plumbing, and HAC. Includes photographs of existing home darkrooms. Excellent reference if you are going to build a darkroom $5

KODAK Photo Lab Design 8.5 x 11 64 pages. From the back cover: Provides expert advice on planning and designing pro darkrooms, helpful tips, views of working darkrooms, plans for layouts. $8

KODAK QUALITY ENLARGING 8.5x11 134 pages 1985. Comprehensive coverage of photographic paer, how it is made, tone reproduction, darkrooms and equipment, printing procedures, mounting, finishing, and print quality. An excellent reference. $7.

KODAK Black-and-White Darkroom Techniques 8.5x11 96 pages 1986. This covers advanced techniques that the serious darkroom worker could use. $5.

KODAK Advanced Black-and-White Photography 8.5x11 96 pages 1988. This covers advanced techniques that the serious B&W photographer. The are separate sections on Landscape and People Photography The Zone System section is written by Professor Owen Butler of RIT. $5.

KODAK DARKROOM EXPRESSION 1984 8.5x11 96 pages 1986. This was a project by RIT and Kodak. The special techniques describesd are: ways to selectively add color, high contrast derivations, posterization, Sabsttier Effect, adding texture, paper negatives, printing without a negative, switching processes. $5

KODAK COPYING and DUPLICATING 8.5 x 11 180 pages 1984. This does cover the title subject but provides much more than might be suggested by the title. Copying is the most demanding photography because the result has to match (or in some cases correct on) the original scene. The book describes in great detail the factors that influence tone reproduction and other asects of image quality. It provides an explanation of how materials work and the techniques that can be used in all types of photography. An excellent book. $6

KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC SLIDE PROJECTORS, THE SOURCE BOOK 8.5 x 11 164 pages 1984. My description is “more than anyone would ever want to know about Ektagraphics . It is 164 pages! It covers the models, the accessories, program techniques, modifying your projector, different types of remote controls, lenses, maintence and care, and off beat applications. Tables and graphs. $8

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