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Don,It's about film thickness, also about the thickness of the backing paper, modern films use a thinner backing paper than 30 or 40 years ago, and when these cameras were built they the winding was designed for the thicker backing paper, with the arista, which I believe is foma by another name, they still use this thicker backing paper, I have a balda super baldessa, with hp5 or tri x the frames are very close, with fomapan they are fine, I get the same thing with my Rolleicard, although not so bad, but with newer film with thin backing paper then the frames are closer together than with fomapan. I don't have a super Ikonta in my collection, but the MF Folders I do have from the 40's and 50's with auto winding also allow me to use the red window and that sorts the problem out, if you can use red window on your Ikonta I would use that, a bit more fiddly but more reliable with modern film in old cameras.
I don't have an Ikonta but I do have an Ikoflex (both Zeiss Ikon) and with that camera, if you use the red window, you only get eight exposures per roll. Once you have set the first frame with the red window, it is essential to use the internal frame counting to get the full twelve frames per roll.