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It's not self-flagellation. It's figuring out how and why things work the wy [sic] they do.

There is also the thought that with the first few rolls I did myself I simply wanted to prove I could before throwing lots of money at it.

Patience provided a good schooling and in time a nice JOBO for next to nothing.

Had I rushed to get all the perfect tools I would have spent much more and not really understood the ins and outs.
The point that was categorically stated was that the stuff-ups were a necessary component of getting "...well-exposed and well-processed negatives". I don't believe that they are ("If I hadn't ruined a dozen rolls when I started, I wouldn't be where I am today, able to consistently produce well-exposed and well-processed negatives). Nothing you have written explains this premiss.

Why do you feel that rushing "to get all the perfect tools" would have left you with less of an understanding? Having a Jobo doesn't render you an idiot. Logic seems to suggest that you can understand a process equally as well by knowing how it works as you would by knowing how you buggered it up.

In fact, there is nothing that I know of in the world of physics that says that for something to work, you need to how and why it does.