If I had had a JOBO to start I would:

1-not have seen as many problems so my experience in adapting C41 creatively, for print, would be nowhere as strong.

2-never have understood how forgiving C41 is

3-be a lot lighter in my pockets.

This is one of those "is it the journey or the arrival that is most important?" questions.

The other thing is that not every roll is important in terms of getting "the shot of a lifetime". This morning I shot a roll of 120 Ektachrome 64T as the sun was coming up, put real effort into composition and exposure with an interesting subject after a rare rain. Probably won't be able to duplicate the shot for a long time if it doesn't work. That roll will be cross processed and printed both on RA and B&W papers, just to see if and where this might really work.

Not everybody wants "normal" all the time.

When I do want normal I incident meter and process by the book and the JOBO makes that easy but even before the JOBO, with float or bath, I could get workable negs reliably right from the beginning.

Sure, if you have the photo of the century on a given roll, send it to a prolab. If you are just out to have fun, treat photography like a hobby, who cares if you screw up a roll.