I bought an AP bulk loader some time ago on theBay, and the seller said that there was a roll of Ilford HP5+ in the loader. After rolling up all the remaining film in the bulk loader (must have been a full roll, gave me more than 15x36 rolls) I shot a cpl of them and developed, it turned out to be Agfa APX 100.

The plastic is quite thick and hard and easily curls after it is dried. Anyway, I like the way it looks (though my 2-3 first rolls were ruined since I thought they were 400 iso, and even underexposed 2 of them to test, 2 full stops to 1600) developing in Rodinal 1:100 using stand development.

I found some kind of APX-100 in Germany, but not in bulk, and looking at the film/plastic/emulsion, they are not quite the same as the stuff I got in the bulk loader Were could the roll in the loader have come from, and is it possible to get more of it somewhere?


J.F. Felinik