the leatherette on my camera is dead as of today. I had to peel some off to make a repair, and, well, the sides of the camera are covered in some horrible adhesive and the leatherette is curled into a tube. The leatherette on the rest of the camera is peeling quite badly. Attempts at cementing it back didn't really help, as now I have peeling leatherette that isn't quite so aesthetically bad, but coated in contact cement.
Frankly, I think it's time to just start over with a new coating on most of the camera.
The back door, top, and one side are still in superb shape, but the front, the focus/advance knobs, and the one side are dead.
What do I need to use to remove the old adhesive, as well as to remove my mistakes with the contact cement?
One thread on flickr said that Xylene was a good choice. I tried acetone, but that just gave me damp adhesive that didn't come off.
also, my understanding is that new leatherette can be had in self-adhesive form? Can you just buy a sheet of self adhesive leatherette, as I doubt anywhere would have my particular camera parts available.