Holga/Diana and lomo cameras generally have featured in some stunning art nouveau works overseas from people brought up on the foundations of traditional photography, particularly in the UK; I'm going to hunt down those who featured in The Age a few months back. I was surprised to see a fisheye model among them this episode and imagine it would be very, very difficult in indeed for somebody of limited practical experience to put that extreme perspective to good, creative use — it's bad enough in 35mm. I would have let the contestants loose in the city where the quirky perspectives and dark, film noir affect, not unlike old Polaroids or the latter day pinhole cameras, would be right at home in alleys, cul-de-sacs, among the glass towers and the Paris end of Collins Street. I agree with SMBooth that whatever we old hands think of the show, it is a win for photography, and the last episode was a solid and commendable plug for getting out there and rediscovering the art and science of film photography.