I bought this in the Spring to complement my other 5x7 Agfa Ansco but don't see the need for two cameras that are the same plus I don't have the time to strip/stain/rebuild.

The bad:
  • The camera has been repainted by a previous owner (you can see the original paint in places) and they didn't do a great job as there are a couple of runs in the paint and you can see the brush strokes. It is also gun-metal grey which was supposedly the more expensive option in 1941.
  • The flash light test reveals 4-5 pin holes in the bellows. I was actually surprised at how few holes there were and how small they are - I think they could be fixed with a little tape or by throwing a dark cloth over the bellows during shooting but I leave that up to you. I included pictures of both sides of the bellows but most of the rubbed areas hasn't produced a pin hole yet.
  • No lens boards included (I only have 2 and need both). However, they have the same measurements as B&J boards (5.25x5.25 at 3/16 thick) but I have not tested those boards.

The good:
  • Camera has front rise, front shift, front tilt, back swing and back tilt.
  • Bellows extend about 17" and are very supple, with no kinks or significant sagging.
  • All original bakelite knobs and hardware intact plus all the serial numbers match.
  • Extension rail works nice, locks well and camera folds up to 6-7" wide.
  • I have a cherry version which is in pristine condition and this one works as well as that one but I like the natural wood finish more. I was going to make this a project camera to restore more fully but don't have the time

Price is $250 for the camera alone or $300 for camera, packard shutter (untested but could be used as the basis for a lens board) and 2 modern 5x7 Lisco Regal holders. Paypal preferred (I will pay the fees) or money order. Shipping not included in the price but I would expect it to be $40-50 from Canada to the USA due to the weight; will ship internationally but would probably be very expensive. All shipments must include tracking, insurance and an accurate price on the customs form. 7-day inspection period but buyer pays shipping both ways.

If you think my price is way off, make an offer - also looking for a 35mm 1.8 DX for Nikon, 140mm macro RZ lens or 120-180mm large-format lens that will cover 5x7 in a modern copal shutter. 5% to APUG.