Fixer from film is NOT suitable for printing because it's typically used to a much higher silver-loading, plus there are chems from the films (apparently, I know not what) that are problematic for the archival safety of the paper. Fixer from paper can be used to fix film, but you need to filter it really carefully. Paper leaves behind lots of debris that will mean you get nasty spots on your negs that never come off. Best option is to have a bottle of film-fix and a bottle of paper-fix and keep them to their separate purposes.

To the OP, you should have a read of the FAQ in my signature. People have pretty much covered the fixing-duration thing (8 mins for TMAX, no less than 5 mins if it's totally fresh) and don't forget that fixer has reduced capacity for TMAX films (about 12/L instead of 20/L).