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I shot weddings on MF for years initially just using a Mamiya C330f before moving on to a Hasselblad 500CM. I usually shot 5x rolls of Fuji NSP160 (60 images) in the later periods I pretty much exclusively used 120 sized Fuji Reala.

There were no film backs for the Mamiya C330f and I learnt to change films pretty quickly. RH suit pocket for unused films and LH suit pocket for used. I opened each film from its box and foil packaging before I got to the wedding so all I had to do was undo the sealing strip and insert into camera.

When I got the Hasselblad, I was spoilt with having 2x A12 backs which made life a little easier but you could not always guarantee that they would not run out at an inopportune moment.
I used to shoot weddings with a pair of Mamiya C330f's and used Kodak Vericolor 220 film I preloaded the cameras before going to the gig which gave me 48 shots before needing to change films which was plenty for the actual wedding as well as giving me a back up camera in case of mechanical failure, and I could change the films in the time allowed after the wedding and before the reception.