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Ted, where are you getting the prices for your A12 backs from Harvey Nichols , look at Ffords you can get an Ex ++ one for 99 and a Ex+ one for 79 with their six months warranty. http://www.ffordes.co.uk/category/Me...Film_Magazines
lol....oh yeah!! I was looking at eBay...I always forget about ffordes. Excellent...I will remember that for when I get round to buying some extra backs.

These replies are al very interesting. As for my photographer when I got married - no, it was all MF. I actually got the negatives recently because the franchise he worked for went bust. I now have 250 MF negs of Kodak Portra 160 or similar, I think it is. So there was no 35mm going on with him. As someone said above, maybe he had backs that loaded more film into them.