Good morning everyone,

I have - as many of you already have - purchased one of the MacBeth densitometers from an E-Bay auction. Many already have the "Operator's or User's" manual BUT . . . some of us are trying to actually troubleshoot some of the circuits within these instruments. So herein lies my request: Does anyone know where I can obtain schematics for the circuits inside these densitometers?

I have a TD-904 transmission densitometer and some of the components I cannot locate any datasheets. An interesting note is that I found a sight from a Google search but it was in Spanish! So I registered but some pop-up window said something that I could not understand and wouldn't allow me to go any further. I was sure I could figure out what a datasheet said from looking at many even if it was in Spanish but to no avail.

So I am an owner without a schematic. (I know, sad, sad, sad.) Can anyone out there help me?


Dave Schmotzer