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I do print on MCC 110, and I do use the (apparently similar?) brown toner, I just haven't tried them together. When an image calls for a warm tone result I usually print on MGWT which responds beautifully to the toner. I use MCC 110 for neutral tones. It DOES respond in selenium, but if I let it go as far as a noticeable color change I don't care for the purple color. I stop just short of that with a slight cooling (to neutral from very slightly warm - as someone, I think Drew, commented here and I have found to be true, it doesn't seem to really be capable of a true cold tone.) I've never tried to split tone it either.

But I do plan/hope to be doing quite a bit of printing in the next several days, some of it on MCC 110 and some on MGWT that will be destined for brown toner. If I get a chance I'll try it out and report back. I'm curious myself now. I've no idea about the sulfite.
Funny, I just ran to the store this morning and got 10 sheets of Ilford MGWT (ouch said wallet). I printed the same negative as yesterday's, but this time on MGWT. Then toned it in selenium and sulfide (with all the appropriate steps in between). WHOW, what a response this MGWT gives to sulfide. After two minutes in Viradon 1+24 it had turned chocolate/red already. I washed with water (no sodium sulfite stop) and it's drying now. It looks, well, unique.

I completely agree with you Roger, that MCC 110 is probably best reserved for neutral prints (it does respond well to selenium though, like you say; I see a change towards red-purple and extra blackening of the blacks and darker greys).

MGWT is really the way to go for sulfide toning. I will have to play around with smaller Viradon dilutions (1+50, 1+100, perhaps even 1+200?) for a better controlable and thereby more subtle browning of the image.

Seems like we're on the same track. Have fun experimenting, I definitely will.