I hesitated to contribute since you ask how to do something I can't say I've done.

But it looks like practical tips are flowing.

I tell my wife I am going to spend 45 minutes in the darkroom. I turn on the water after a bit of negotiating ("ok I will develop in tanks so you can come in to do laundry").

Then I write a post where I say something like "I have the water running."

Four hours later I have something.
Roger Thoms had a show in town at a local art center. The way it worked for him: He entered one piece one year and "won" the spot to have a whole gallery the next year. He spent that next year in his friend's darkroom and put up a great show.
I've participated in a couple print exchanges which forced me to print a couple editions of 10 prints each.

In one, I was lucky to have Roger in my group so now I have one of his prints...