Hi all,

i'm setting up my new darkroom, and did some first tests today. As i had nothing better to do today i thought i might as well calibrate my color heads for my two papers (Fomatone FB and Adox MCP).

So i contact printed a Stouffer 21 step wedge on both papers, starting with full magenta on both enlargers. When the sheets were developed, i was counting 7 to 8 clearly distinguishable steps, which corresponds to grade 2 or slightly below according to this article:

Using no filtration at all results in Grade 0.5

I can rule out:
- Fogging. I used fresh paper and did a safe ligth/stray light test with pre-flashed paper
- Paper issues. I get the same problem with both papers, and both are fresh (bought two weeks ago)
- Enlarger issues. Both of my enlargers show the same results

It seems to me that it's the developer, although it is fresh and was mixed just two weeks ago. I'm using Moersch Eco 4812.
Unfortunately, i don't have another developer or multigrade filters for further investigation.

Any ideas?

Best regards,